This is my first take on MongoDB + Express system, I'm happy it works ;-)

It is done only for a learning purposes only

This is open system to write, and present data. Open to everyone - thus nor author, nor service provider are responsible for any content displayed here.

Link to the Gihub repository Express.js App


  • After deleting note, it is still visible on the list, Admin page must be reloaded to show current state, News page is OK, because it is presented after reload. I regard it as a bug to solve.
  • RWD
  • Reset option, to make default content at once
  • Format date
  • Polish code, and design
  • Add images
  • Make search configurable
  • On main page Articles should be shortened with link to full version
  • Add application (AJAX) tabs, one with the shop system, and second with JS games or quizzes
  • Maybe write it in Handlebars template system, but really now I see no reason to do it


  • Simple news system for displaying information
  • There're two kinds of notes: Articles and News, both are wrote and displayed distinctively
  • Login system, with open information but it works and one must to be logged to write or delete notes
  • Search on all text, titles, and content Articles, and News

Technologies used

  • Express.js (Node.js framework)
  • MongoDB (Atlas online + mongoose)
  • cookies (cookie-session)
  • View template: peg